Common Defenses Against Hit and Run Charges

A plethora of hit-and-run cases happen in Sacramento. Hit-and-run charges are pretty serious charges and have some significant legal consequences, which include huge fines, imprisonment, and a permanent lifelong criminal record.

If someone is pressed with such charges, it is vital to know the possible defenses that can potentially eliminate or dismiss charges and to improve the chances of winning such cases. It is vital to let a Sacramento hit-and-run defense lawyer handle the case.

Now, let us look at some common defenses against hit-and-run charges.

· Lack of Knowledge

A straightforward defense against such cases is claiming the person lacked knowledge about the accident. Such defenses are particularly effective in cases where the accident or damage is minor. The defendant needs to convincingly demonstrate that they genuinely did not realize any accident had happened.

· No Damage or Injury

It is often the case that the accident is so minor that no significant injury or damage happened because of the accident.

If the accused managed to show that the collision was so minor that no one reasonably would believe that it resulted in any harm or damage, it could serve as a good defense. This can be proved through photographs, the testimony of the witnesses, and repair estimates that the impact was minimal.

· Mistaken Identity

Common Defenses Against Hit and Run Charges

The accused can argue that the driver’s identity was mistaken and that the individual was somewhere else or was not driving at the time of the accident. However, such defenses need substantial evidence, such as statements of witnesses, surveillance footage, or alibis. If the defendant can prove that someone else had access to the vehicle, that can support the claim, too.

· Emergency Situation

If there was an emergency and that is why the accused had to leave the scene of the accident, that could serve as a rational defense, too. Such emergencies can be considered where there was a medical emergency for the driver or any passenger in the vehicle or if the accused was under threat of some sort of harm.

However, it needs to be proven that the emergency was genuine and that leaving the scene of the accident was necessary to prevent further danger or harm. Police reports and medical records can serve as a great form of evidence in such cases to strengthen the defense’s case.

Role of a Criminal Defense Firm!

Such hit-and-run cases can be pretty complex, and in-depth knowledge of the laws and experience are needed to handle them more effectively. A firm that specializes in criminal defense can be of great help and increase the chances of winning the case.